A Mom’s Motivation for Community Support

Originally featured on the Camas Wellness Festival website at: CamasWellnessFestival.com

Lisa Lê, owner of Lisa Lê Properties ǀ A Boutique Experience, is committed to supporting women, children, her community, and families. In keeping with this highly held value, Lisa is a Platinum Sponsor of the Camas Wellness Festival and is offering her office as a location for several sessions including, “Understanding How Trauma Impacts Families” and “Harmonic Sound Therapy and Reiki Energy Healing.” More sessions to be added soon!

Lisa’s motivation for supporting community comes from a deeply personal place. Lisa was married for twelve years and a stay at home mom of two young girls. Lisa and her husband divorced, leaving Lisa a single mother with five and ten year old girls.

She reignited her own career in real estate after over a decade supporting her husband’s career and raising a family. “When you find yourself alone, with few resources and a lot of responsibility, any help from community is key to staying afloat and out of fear’, Lisa says.

Lisa extends her giving in Camas to support women, children, and education through the Soroptimist International of Camas & Washougal, an organization focused on ending human trafficking, domestic violence, and supporting women and children in need.

Lisa Lê earned four college degrees; criminal justice, political science, psychology and sociology. Her life didn’t start out so easy. Overcoming many obstacles in life, and hard work led her to be inspired to help others create wealth through real estate. Through her business Lisa supports and showcases quality business owners and believes in truly being immersed in the local community. She moved to the Northwest in 2002 and thoroughly enjoys what the PNW has to offer. Lisa cherishes spending time with her two daughters and creating pockets of quality time to be completely present in raising them. Lisa enjoys organic gardening and cooking.

– Erika Levy, Camas Wellness Festival