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Free Home Staging–another Lisa Lê Advantage
What is home staging?
The team at Lisa Lê Properties are home staging experts. But what exactly is home staging? Think of staging services as sending your home to a beauty salon, a custom tailor, and the gym, all rolled into one. Home staging is about creating value by showcasing your home in the best light possible. Our staging experts know what buyers are looking for and what is needed to get your home sold quickly and at the best possible price.
…in short, Home Staging makes the selling process better.
Services Tailored to your needs
We’ll conduct a review your property from a buyer’s perspective and identify areas that need help.  We focus on these first, using a suite of techniques to highlight your home’s strengths and soften any flaws. The techniques we employ vary from home to home (and not every home needs every service, and some don’t need staging).
Sometimes home staging can be as simple as decluttering and cleaning your space, hiding personal items like photos and memorabilia, or rearranging your furniture for better flow. On occasion, we’ll bring in an all-new home decor to elevate the look of your home.
Home Staging is All About Creating value
Our goal is to not only help you sell your home quickly but also to help you get the best price possible in the current market. Your beautifully-staged home will bring offers closer to–or over– your asking price, and will often spark competitive bidding. We’ll get your home sold!


With Lisa Lê Properties, staging is free. We believe that staging is the single most valuable thing we can do to help you get the most value for your home, and we include it as part of our boutique experience.

It varies for each client, but a typically home staging can be from a couple of days to a week or two. We understand that staging your home can be a bit disruptive, so we work on your schedule.

Not at all! And not every home needs to be staged. Many of our clients have beautifully furnished homes, so staging might be as simple as hiding a few family photos.

It varies client to client, based on the needs of your home. Most often, staging is simplifying, cleaning, and organizing; removing things from your home that detract from its value and rearranging the rest into the most pleasing way possible. 



Staging Makes It Easier For Buyers
to visualize your property as a future home

Positive Effect

Our Free Home Staging
may increase the selling price of your home

1- 1 %
Possible Value Increase
+ $ 5000
Value Increase on a $500k Home

The Most Commonly Staged Rooms
according to sellers’s agents

Living Room83%
Master Bedroom69%
Dining Room66%

The Most Common Home Improvements
recommended before selling

Decluttering Home93%
Entire Home Cleaning89%
Carpet Cleaning81%
Removing Pets During Showing80%

Staging Greatly Reduces Selling Time
according to seller’s agents

Shorter Selling Time

How Much You Save
when using our Free Staging Services

1 %
Lisa Lê Properties Difference


  • My husband and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa and we think the world of her. She is passionate about helping her clients. Her business model is truly unique to the industry. There is a finesse with staging homes, and Lisa knows exactly how to do that. She enhances your experience with her etiquette, professionalism and charm. Working with a realtor should be enjoyable, and that’s what you get when working with Lisa Lè Properties.

    Rob & Jen Loftin

  • What a beautiful and unique boutique experience. Lisa is one of a kind and cares a lot about her every listing. She really does a lot for her clients as part and added value on her listing. She provides great education to her community by bringing different experts in her office. I don’t know any realtor who gives way more than this woman! Call her and let her do her magic with your future listing! Her office speaks for itself in terms of decor and home staging.

    Kareen Mills

  • Attention to detail to the max! Lisa Le properties is not just a real estate office, it’s the gateway to a land I didn’t think existed where selling a home (or buying) is actually comfortable and enjoyable. All the little touches from Free lawn mowing for listings to no cost property prep and her connections with the local area all make for an outstanding experience. If you’re thinking of buying or selling luxury property, go talk to Lisa. If you go to another spot, you’ll not just see the difference, you’ll feel it.

    Paul Kuthe