Buying a home in Camas?

Whether you’re moving across town or across state lines, Camas is an amazing place to live and own a home. 


Red-hot real estate market

Property values in the Camas-area market have been consistently growing year-over-year as the city attracts transplants from Portland and the other major west coast metropolitan areas. People come to Camas looking for an improved quality of life, shorter commute times, and a family-friendly environment.

World-class school system

We take pride in our highly-rated public school system, with scores at-or-better than the best private schools elsewhere on the west coast.

Nature, nearby

Despite being relatively close to the greater Portland metro area, Camas is rich with easily-accessible natural beauty. Three lakes and numerous streams offer water-based recreation and fishing, and numerous parks and trails favored by hikers can be found within city limits.

A close-knit community

Despite having more than 23,000 citizens, Camas retains its small-town feel. Numerous ‘home town’ events and a revitalized downtown are bringing the city ever-closer, and a shared love for our community well-being keeps us connected.