Our Local Partners

Lisa Lê Properties is incredibly community-focused and always partners with local business whenever possible. She believes the positive effort we puts out into community comes back to benefit all of us, so she’s constantly finding new ways to help other local merchants.

The Camas Hotel

Lisa Lê Properties and The Camas Hotel are power-partners! We often work together; not only do we host our out-of-town clients at the hotel–part of our boutique experience, we work together to sustain and develop our local merchant community. We’re both active members of the Downtown Camas Association as well as connected to the community as a whole. Learn more about The Camas Hotel

Grow, your local marketing agency

Grow, also known as Grow Camas, is a local integrated marketing agency based here in Camas. They specialize in website, SEO, SEM, and associated offline marketing too. As you might have guessed, they’re focused on helping Camas and the surrounding communities grow. They handle all of our integrated marketing, including this website. Learn more about Grow.

Service to Others

Camas Wellness Festival

Lisa Lê Properties is proud to announce platinum-level sponsorship of the 2018 Camas Wellness Festival! The festival aims to promote physical and physological health for all Camas residents, with special emphasis on classes specifically designed for youth. Learn more at Camas Wellness Festival.com

Soroptimists International of Camas/Washougal

Soroptimists International is a global volunteer organization that economically empowers women and girls by providing access to education, the single most effective anti-poverty intervention. Lisa Lê is a board member of the Soroptimists local chapter.

Downtown Camas Association

Lisa Lê is one of the most active members of the Downtown Camas Association, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the development and growth of the historical downtown Camas shopping district and surrounding neighborhoods.

Camas Coffee and Connect

Lisa Lê is the founder of local networking group “Camas Coffee and Connect.” Her goal is to make introductions–and encourage connections–that might not otherwise get to happen.

Supporting Kids

Lisa believes in giving back to the community and to kids particularly. She donates school supplies, backpacks for kids, and children’s books as well as her time to help support our children. She believes that happy, well educated children are our future, and loves to help teachers in her spare time.

Divorce Empowerment Alliance Advisory

Lisa Lê is the founder of Divorce Empowerment Alliance Advisory, as service organization with the mission to educate, support, and empower anyone navigating the uncharted waters of separation or divorce.