Dani & Jeff, a client success story

Lisa reacted to an urgent need of ours in the most professional and timely way and 30 days later we were happy homeowners. She quickly became our friend and worked around the clock to make sure we were happy and all of our needs were considered. I don’t think anybody else could have introduced us to the Camas community like Lisa did, and he extra services she offers are a true differentiator – we are happy to call her our Realtor.
Jeff Bedford
Lisa was professional and extremely pleasant to work with. We were in need of a relator in Camas quickly when we saw the house we wanted. She made plans for us to meet face-to-face that day. It was great to know who we were going to be working with. It was a perfect match and Lisa was prompt and efficient with emails, texts and paperwork. We would recommend her to anyone in Camas or anyone wanting to make Camas their new home. She offers wonderful extras to make buying a home a fun and exciting event. Thanks Lisa!
Dani Haller

Dani and Jeff’s Story…

I received a call from my friend Brad in Longview @our sister company. He said that he had a client for me that he thought I would be able to help serve better than himself since he was so far away and wasn’t an expert in the Camas market.

I called the number that he gave me and that’s when I first talked to Dani and Jeff.. 🙌🏼☺️

They have been living in Portland and decided that they wanted a quieter and simpler life after getting engaged. They wanted to move across the river for various reasons and had been checking out the small communities. When they came to Camas they realized what a cute town we had here and started driving around the neighborhoods. ❤️🚙

This is where Brad called me and asked me if I can help them. They had already been viewing the small cute little yellow house on the corner of Crown Park. They were absolutely in love. 😍They had already been inside during the open house and had already talked to the listing agent and also the sellers. I made sure to call them immediately within five minutes of receiving the phone call and told them that I would take them back up there to look. They met me at my office because they were close by and I introduced myself in person and off we went to go look at the cute little house again. 😎

After talking to the listing agent while they were viewing the house again, I realize that we were going to be in a multiple offer situation which didn’t surprise me based on the house price point. The agent told me that some offers where already coming in. This is when my thinking process starts, negotiating skills come into play and I use everything in my toolbox to figure out how I’m going to win the house for my clients. Yes, win! 💪🏻

As we drove away I offered to take them to the Puffin Cafe on the Columbia. They accepted in which I was happy about because that gave us a chance to actually sit down and really talk about the house. We not only talked about the house but my life, their life and how they met and why they wanted to move to Camas. The food was delicious as usual and I’m glad they got to experience that. It was a beautiful, beautiful day. 🌞

I went home and called the listing agent to ascertain all the information I could on the home and the offers coming in. There were several. But my clients needed this home and they were in love with it already so I had to win. After doing the house comparables I knew the house was worth that price and I knew it was going to go for more. I decided my strategy was going to be an escalation clause and love letter. Dani and Jeff wrote the most beautiful love letter. This is what it said….

“Dear, Sellers (name)

Today (April 29th), we decided to drive from Portland to Camas with the intention of looking at an open house off of 19th and Division. On our way, we drove by your home and we both saw the open house sign and balloons outside. We had been browsing pictures of your home and looked at each other to yell , “It’s open! It’s open!”

We quickly pulled a u-turn and walked up the stairs, and from the moment we walked in we felt like we were in the home that was going to see our soon-to-be-growing family become a part of the Camas community.

It is very difficult for us to explain all of the things we love about your home in this short letter. We adore how welcoming the back yard is, and how it truly makes you feel ‘outside’. We can’t wait to introduce our rescue dog to that area when we bring him home from the Bahamas in August. We also can’t wait to stuff the basement full of our camping and outdoor gear – so we have easy access when we get out into the Gorge and National Forests. The thoughtful, handmade built ins are stunning and we’ve even been joking about how we would never find a place with a gorgeous clawfoot tub.

In the long run, we hope to share even more with you about our experience in your home. We have been amazed by the sense of community in Camas – it reminds us each so much of our small home towns in Wyoming and Vermont. If we are fortunate enough to end up in your home, we can only hope to meet you in person as we grow our small family and build relationships in this fantastic neighborhood.

Thank you very much for considering the offer we’ve put together for your home. We are ecstatic about this opportunity.”

Warm Regards,
Dani and Jeff

I realized not only would a full price offer and a love letter would get this house but we were going to need to offer more for a very solid offer. Jeff and Dani agreed. We submitted the offer right away–there was no time to wait. Into the wee hours of the night the offer was sent with the most loving letter and everybody’s hopeful thinking. 🙏🏻

After a day or so we received a call back from the listing agent and she said that they had many solid offers and ours looked really good but there was another one that was very similar. 😅 But, I knew I had put in the escalation clause so I felt very confident. 😎 I received a call back a few hours later and the agent told me that we had WON the listing based on what we offered but also the love letter that had touched the hearts of the sellers. The sellers had gotten married in that house and had raised their little family there. They wanted another young couple to have the house that were just starting out like they had. 💑

I called Dani and Jeff to tell them the news and they were ecstatic! We breezed through inspection, passed with no problems and onto signing. When it was about time for them to move in I had their house professionally cleaned. I also reminded them about the party that I hold for all of my clients. An all-expense-paid “Welcome Home” party for 25 of their friends and family. They started making arrangements right away and inviting people. 🤩

The day of the party was so wonderful. Their family had come down from Vermont and were so happy to see them in their new home. They had several friends as well. We had a large charcuterie platter, salad, fruit platter and vegetable tray along with wine, beer and champagne. It lasted for hours and everybody had a wonderful time.

Since then, they’ve come to visit me in my office several times and I was honored to have them at my grand opening. I’ve called and reached out on numerous occasions to make sure they’re doing OK.

I’m so happy to have met them and had the opportunity to work with them. Now I feel like they are a member of my family. The Lisa Le, A Boutique Experience family and also the new members of our little community in here Camas.

Welcome, Dani and Jeff!!! ❤️🥂🏡.